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A customized Home Warranty is an exceptional value-add to your clients.

A customized Home Warranty from Service Magic USA is an exceptional value-added service you can offer your clients. Provide your clients the opportunity to fill in the gaps that are left out of traditional home insurance policies.

With no deductible and 24/7/365 support, there's no excuse to not protect your client's largest asset.

Sell Confidently

Give clients peace of mind and budget protection.

Sell Faster

Offer homes pre-packaged with a home warranty.

Sell at Higher Prices

Provide confidence and guarantee maximum value.

Get Rewarded

Earn a commission with every sale and renewal.

Contract Commissions

All commissions are recursive through contract renewals and payouts are distributed annually.

Coverages Base Payout 10+ Contracts 50+ Contracts
Interior Plumbing $16.20 $17.45 $18.70
Exterior Plumbing $18.90 $22.40 $25.90
Interior Electrical $9.45 $10.95 $12.45
Exterior Electrical $5.40 $6.90 $8.40
Gas Line $10.12 $12.12 $14.12
Heating $17.55 $21.05 $24.55
Cooling $17.55 $21.05 $24.55
Complete Coverage $95.17 $111.92 $128.67
Base Payout:
10+ Contracts:
50+ Contracts:

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