Interior Plumbing

Keep your pipes drained and your bank account full!

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    Broken or leaking water supply lines and valves

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    Leaks beneath the home’s foundation

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    Toilet and sink overflows due to clogged drains

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    Water lines leading to and from the body shower

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    Leaks from refrigerator and dishwasher lines

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    Leaks from the A/C unit and washing machine

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    And More!


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Service Calls


Annual Coverage


SMUSA will arrange and pay for the repair or replacement of the Interior Plumbing System due to normal wear and tear of a leaking, partially or permanently blocked System. To be eligible for repair, You must have sole responsibility of the System that supports Your Residence. You must call SMUSA to arrange for service in order for repairs to be covered. See “How to Call for Repairs”. An Interior Plumbing System includes all of the water service and drainage pipes within the interior limits of Your Residence. The maximum benefit limit is up to $5,000 in cumulative coverage per Term. Any repair or replacement charges beyond Your Service Call benefit limit are Your responsibility.


We will not be responsible for any of the following:

  1. Any Service Calls made within the thirty (30) day Waiting Period;
  2. Damages, losses and expenses, whether from negligence or otherwise, caused by: (a) You or any person or entity other than Us or (b) unusual circumstances, including a natural disaster or an act of God. An example of this is the failure to heat Your Residence, which causes Your pipes to freeze;
  3. Consequential, incidental, or punitive damages arising from repair work or as a result of a covered repair. An example includes damage necessary to reasonably access the repair area;
  4. Any correction or upgrade of Your existing Interior Plumbing and Drainage System, not directly related to the necessary covered repair, in order to meet any code, law, regulation or ordinance;
  5. Repairs to any section of Your Interior Plumbing and Drainage System that You share with any third party or is covered by a homeowner’s associations including condominiums and communities;
  6. The repair or replacement of any basement or storm drain;
  7. Appliances; Any fittings or fixtures, for example water tanks, water heaters, radiators, bathroom fittings, faucets, toilets, baths, shower pans, shower/bath diverters and sinks, pressure reducing valves and backflow prevention devices, pumps or grinders;
  8. Thawing of frozen pipes.