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    Repair to the blower motors and assembly

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    Fix the fan limit controls

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    Corrections to fusable links or gas valves

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    Repair to the air scoops or aquastat

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    Fix the pressure switch and regulator valves

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    And More!


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Service Calls


Annual Coverage


SMUSA will arrange and pay for the repair of the natural gas, propane, or electric forced-air or circulating hot water central heating system (“Heating System”). The issue must be due to normal wear and tear of the following components of the Heating System for which You have sole responsibility and which supports Your Residence: Air scoops, aquastat, barometric damper, belts and pulleys, blower motors and assembly, circuit boards, circulators, ECO safeties, fan and limit controls, fusible links, gas valves, ignition controls, induced draft motor, blower, low water cutoff, main and pilot burners, pilots and thermocouples, pressure switch, regulator valves, relays, spill switches, transformers. Any component of Your Heating System not specifically listed as covered will not be covered. You must call SMUSA to arrange for service in order for repairs to be covered. See “How to Call for Repairs”. The maximum benefit limit is up to $2,000 in cumulative coverage per Term.

If despite Our reasonable efforts, Your Heating System cannot be repaired due to obsolete or commercially unavailable parts or Your Heating System is deemed beyond repair by SMUSA, We agree to provide You with a prorated refund, less any claims paid by SMUSA.


We will not be responsible for any of the following:

  1. Any Service Calls made during the thirty (30) day Waiting Period;
  2. Damages, losses and expenses, whether from negligence or otherwise, caused by: (a) You or any person or entity other than Us or (b) unusual circumstances, including a natural disaster, or an act of God;
  3. Consequential, incidental, or punitive damages arising from conducting repair work or as a result of the covered repair, such as, damages necessary to reasonably access the repair area;
  4. Any correction or upgrade of Your existing Heating System, not directly related to the necessary covered repair, in order to meet any code, law, regulation or ordinance;
  5. Air ducts, registers, air filters, zoning components and electronics, electronic air cleaners, flue venting, humidifiers, thermostats, air balancing, chimney maintenance or repairs, heating jacket, asbestos or other insulation;
  6. Heat exchangers, leaking boilers, boiler distribution piping, radiators.